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Ethical Management

Cyber Report Center

Corporate Ethics Reporting and Consultation

If you ever find yourself wondering “Is this ethical or not?”- the Cyber Report Center is here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to consult us via phone or mail if you have anything to report regarding corporate ethics.
All inquiries and reports will be kept completely anonymous and confidential.
You can also submit a report by email to


02 - 2141 - 2996


Cyber Report Center (Management Improvement Team), Lotte Chilsung
3F, 269, Olympic-ro (Lotte Castle Gold), Songpa-gu, Seoul

Types of information to be reported

  • 아이콘


    • Abuse of power
    • Third party benefit provision
    • Accepting bribery from partner companies
    • Personal use of bussiness opportunities
    • Embezzlement
  • 아이콘

    Violation of law

    • Violation of anti-Corruption laws
    • Violation of labor laws
    • Violation of the Fair Trade Act
    • Infringement of trade secrets/personal information
    • Violation of other laws
  • 아이콘

    Human Rights/Environment

    • Sexual harassment
    • Personal disadvantage
    • Workplace bullying
    • Environmental violation
    • Other Human rigths and environment-related illegal/improperacts
  • 아이콘

    Accounting fraud

    • Violation of accounting rules
    • Violation of internal accounting management regulations
    • Manipulation of accounting information
    • Instruction/compulision of the above items
  • 아이콘

    Unfair hiring

  • 아이콘

    Customer/partner complaints

Processing Procedure

You can provide information any time on the ethics hotline website, and also report information by phone, fax, or mail. You will be informed of the process of how your information is handled by the Management Improvement Center of the Lotte Legal Compliance Committee. Additional exchanges of opinions and inquiries are possible through the reply function on the ethics hotline website.

Enhancing the process of communication and receiving Information by responding to informants Quick and accurate information processing when information is received
Enhancing the process of communication and receiving Information by responding to informants Quick and accurate information processing when information is received

The procedure for how the information received is processed

  • STEP01

    Receiving the information reported

    You can verify the receipt of your information at Lotte Chilsung ethics hotline with the notification "The receipt of your information has been completed.

  • STEP02


    The investigation period may differ depending on the subject and scope of investigation.

  • STEP03

    Investigation completed/closed

    The investigation is completed after it is verified that the reported information is true. Based on the results of the investigation, measures are taken according to internal regulations, and the process is closed.

Standard of Protection for Reporters

Anyone who submits a report to the Cyber Report Center is afforded the fullest range of care and protection from any detriment or disadvantage. We ensure that your identity is kept confidential by applying the strictest security measures.

  • Confidentiality Guaranteed
  • Anonymity Guaranteed
  • Liability Limited

Standards for protecting Reporters and whistleblowers

  • We treat informants and whistleblowers anonymously when handling reports and whistleblowing.
  • We take all possible measures, such as restricting access to the reporter, the whistleblower, and the reported information, to an extremely small number of people.
  • All measures are taken and efforts are made to ensure that the reporter and the whistleblower are not subsequently subjected to any disadvantages.

The standards of the obligations and exemption of liability of a whistleblower

  • If an executive or employee of the company has committed an unlawful act or an act in breach of the code of ethics, but has since reported and confessed it, the punishment or disciplinary action for it may be reduced or exempted.
  • If an employee of the company is forced to act in breach of the code of ethics by his or her superior or executive, he or she may refuse it. The employee will not be subject to any disadvantages, even if he or she refuses to follow the coercion into an unethical act by a superior.
  • If the company's executive or employee encounters or receives an offer to engage in an unethical act from his or her co-worker or a member of his or her own department, they should report to the Lotte Chilsung's ethics hotline system and receive counseling.



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