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Environmental Management

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management Policy

We at Lotte Chilsung Beverage operate the environmental management system in a way that can satisfy customers and minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment while carrying out business globally with the production of drinks, coffee, and liquid teas. Under these guidelines, we will have all of our employees and all personnel carrying out the Company's business on our behalf put each of the following into practice.

  • 1. To meet customers’ requirements, legal/regulatory requirements, ISO 14001 requirements, and other requirements consented by us; to set strict internal management criteria and continue to improve upon them.
  • 2. To recognize environmental impact in overall business activities; to continue to carry out activities designed to prevent environmental pollution and improve environmental conditions; and to strive to remain as an environmentally-friendly business.
  • 3. To put our environment-related obJecttives and plans into practice and ascertain their propriety and effectiveness in order to improve the effectiveness of the environmental management system.

We will check to see whether these guidelines fit our business obJecttives through periodic managerial review.

Yun gie Park
Representative Director

Environmental Declaration

Declaration on resource recycling

With regard to the recent growing need for efficient resource recycling even on the part of manufacturers, we hereby declare our commitment to resource recycling, placing great value on the environment by focusing on the following:

  • - We will implement quality improvement of PET bottles including the following steps by the end of 2018.
    a. Change PET bottles with fluorescent colors to other types.
    b. Change the label of drinking water products to one using soluble adhesive to make it easier to recycle.
  • - We will include perforated lines in PET bottles in an effort to expand the use of packing materials that are easy to recycle.
  • - We will establish an internal process regarding future planning and material structure evaluation when producing new brand products in 2018, and will conduct cyclical evaluations.
  • - We will make active efforts in research on making packing materials lighter in connection with the need to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

Representative Director Lotte Chilsung Beverage

Environmental Management System

Environment Management System Certification

Environment Management System Certification Status

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