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Environmental Management

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management Policy

The company establishes and implements the environmental management system to pursue customer satisfaction and minimize the impact on the environment while producing and operating the beverage, liquor businesses throughout the globe.
The company shall effectively communicate the policy not only to its executives and employees, but also to any person involved in operations on behalf of Lotte Chilsung Beverage and practices the following.

  • 1. The company shall continue to improve its system by establishing specific internal standards and complying with requirements from customers, applicable laws and regulations, ISO 14001 and other requirements agreed upon.
  • 2. The company shall recognize its impact on the environment and shall continuously promote pollution prevention and improvement campaigns to be an environmentally friendly entity in the local communities.
  • 3. The company shall establish goals and implements operation plans and verifies its appropriateness and validity to continue to improve the system’s effectiveness.

This policy shall be reviewed on a regular basis to evaluate whether it is in line with the business purpose, and it will be revised by the CEO when required and promoted online in and out of the company.

Yun gie Park
Representative Director

Environmental Declaration

Declaration on resource recycling

With the awareness of resource circulation rising, applicable laws and regulations have been strengthened and more consumers are looking for eco-friendly products. To follow the streams and requirements, the company implements the followings to contribute to a resource circulating economy by producing sustainable products and promoting the recycle.

  • 1. The company shall continue to enhance R&D to reduce the packaging weight and apply new technologies and shall make active efforts to reduce its waste discharge and to use packaging materials with low carbon emissions.
  • 2. The company shall Increase the recycling rate by increasing the number of products without labels and applying new sustainable packaging materials.
  • 3. The company shall promote the circulation of plastic resources by adopting and expanding recycled plastics (Recycled PET; r-PET, etc.). The company shall also actively take part in suppliers’ R&D process of sustainable plastics (ex. Application of eco-friendly raw materials, etc.) and apply them to its products.
  • 4. The company shall continue to promote campaigns to establish a resource circulation system and shall actively participate in agreements with the government and stakeholders.

Representative Director Lotte Chilsung Beverage

Environmental Management System

Environment Management System Certification

Environment Management System Certification Status

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Opo Plant Gangneung Plant
Yangsan Plant Gunsan Plant
Anseong Plant Gyeongsan Plant
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