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Ethical Management

Code of Ethic

We at Lotte will think, judge, and behave in an upright manner, fulfill our social responsibilities,
pursue the common good of stakeholders, the country, and of humankind,
and will strive to continue to develop as a world-class business based on the
corporate philosophy of focusing on customers, creativity, and quality.

Chapter 1 Customers

  • 1-1 Customers are our reason for being. We shall make decisions and create value from our customers’ perspective and put priority on customer service.
  • 1-2 We shall be honest with our customers, respect our customers’ opinions, and keep our promises made to customers.
  • 1-3 We shall not use customers’ personal information for any unauthorized purpose.

Chapter 2 Shareholders

  • 2-1 As Lotte’s employees we shall do their best to enhance the market value of the Company’s stock through operations focusing on creativity, innovation, and faithfulness.
  • 2-2 We shall observe the law, adhere to our principles, and maintain transparency in business operations.
  • 2-3 We shall listen to the justified opinions of minority shareholders.

Chapter 3 Directors/employees

  • 3-1 As Lotte employees we shall observe the law and social norms and behave rightly in accordance with high ethical values. We shall strive to keep the Company’s prestige, to maintain our dignity as members of society, and to be respected and trusted by those with whom we do business.
  • 3-2 We shall engage in bold endeavors and innovation with a firm sense of mission, and shall strive to contribute to the Company actively and creatively through mutual cooperation and harmony.
  • 3-3 We shall expect to be treated fairly purely based on our abilities and performance results regardless of regional factions, alumni affinity, or gender.
  • 3-4 We shall not use the Company’s property for personal purposes or disclose Company secrets that we have come to know while carrying out Company business with others. We shall not offer money or articles of value in expectation of illicit returns, borrow/lend money from/to others, or provide joint assurance. We shall refrain from impolite speech, behavior, and sexual harassment, and shall strive to create a bright and cooperative workplace atmosphere.
  • 3-5 Directors shall play a leading role in coping with crises and handling opportunities for the Company, and shall always set an example for others to follow in carrying out activities in accordance with international standards.
  • 3-6 The Company shall respect employees as individuals and strive to enhance the quality of their lives.

Chapter 4 Subcontractors

  • 4-1 We shall give subcontractors equal opportunity and strive to provide mutual benefit through transparent transactions with good products and prices.
  • 4-2 We shall not make unreasonable requests to subcontractors or receive money/valuables/entertainment using our position of advantage. We shall recommend that subcontractors follow our ethics code by explaining the purpose and spirit to them.

Chapter 5 Society and Country

  • 5-1 We shall respect values traditionally kept by our country and society, observe laws, engage in healthy business activities, create wealth for society, and strive to improve the quality of the lives of people.
  • 5-2 Lotte shall not become involved in politics.
  • 5-3 We shall strive to protect the environment and resources through the development and sale of environmentally-friendly goods, the use of recycled waste, and conservation.
  • 5-4 We shall strive for the safety of the local community, customers, and employees. We shall do our best to prevent accidents through education and training.



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