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LOTTE Chilsung Beverage


LOTTE Chilsung Beverage contributes to enhancing
the healthy and happy lives of our customers.

LOTTE Chilsung strives to grow to become 'a healthy and respected company’ that contributes to enhancing its customers’ healthy and happy lives through ‘water’, the most important necessity to us all.
LOTTE Chilsung will continue to do its very best to become a company that contributes to enriching its customers’ lives, a company that is trusted by its customers for top-tier products, and a company that grows together with society. To such an end, LOTTE Chilsung will continue to make investments in creating future-oriented value with a focus placed on its three major values – ‘people’, ‘brands’, and ‘systems’.

Three Types of Value Investments of LOTTE Chilsung to Grow into
‘A Healthy and Respected Company’


Securing Future Growth Engines through Enhanced Brand Value

Establish a beverage portfolio customized for the customer’s entire lifecycle while discovering new future-oriented lines of business overseas and online.


Continuous Improvement in Corporate Culture to Foster Talent

Improve the Company’s organizational culture to build a happier workplace and enhance competency in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria to make contributions to social and environmental improvement.


The Structural Upgrade of Systems for Qualitative Growth to become a Top-Tier Comprehensive Beverage Company

Internalize zero-based budgeting (ZBB) and build smart factory infrastructure to accommodate innovations in the manufacturing sector in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.




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