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LOTTE Chilsung Beverage

Company Overview

LOTTE Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd. began business operations as Chilsung Cider in 1950 when the Korean soft drink industry was just taking its first steps. LOTTE has continued to develop and supply top-tier products, and has grown to become both a driving force and a national icon for the country’s beverage industry.

With more than half a century of business experience, LOTTE Chilsung Beverage is now growing to become one of the world's top-class integrated beverage companies in an increasingly competitive globalized business environment based on its solid leadership in the domestic beverage market.

Secrets of a Top-Tier Firm

LOTTE Chilsung has been no. 1 in the industry based on product superiority,
years of expertise, and the solidarity of its employees.

With the pride of a forerunner of the beverage industry,
LOTTE Chilsung continues to strive to raise the corporate value.

Customer Satisfaction

  • - Active marketing activities, trustworthy marketing strategies
  • - Pursue highest customer satisfaction value in terms of product flavors and quality
  • - Continuous product innovation through open innovation

Quick Market Response

  • - Promotion of digital transformation in response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • - Strengthened analysis of inside and outside environmental changes of the ever-changing market
  • - Response to consumers through construction of a life portfolio

Stronger social responsibility

  • - Guaranteed industry transparency through law-abiding management
  • - Pursues mutually beneficial management founded on trust
  • - Forms qualitative growth foundation through expansion of shared value creation

Fortified group substantiality

  • - Fortified group communication and cooperation through horizontal cultural construction
  • - Establish responsible management system through a clear role distribution
  • - Introduction of challenged group culture / advanced management system

LOTTE Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd. promotes value creation through tireless dedication toward change and innovation.

Future Directions for LOTTE Chilsung

A Company that Loves Water

Water accounts for 70% of the adult human body.
Water is our most crucial and cherished resource.
LOTTE Chilsung produces water-based products, and thus has a special affection for water.

A Company that has Focused on its Specialty

LOTTE Chilsung has devoted itself to the comprehensive beverage business ever since it opened its doors on May 9, 1950, and has maintained its market leadership over the decades.
LOTTE Chilsung will continue to take the lead in developing the local beverage industry.

A Company that Enriches Human Lives

LOTTE Chilsung enriches its customers’ lives and prides itself as a guardian of health and happiness for numerous families. We will continue to fulfill this responsibility.

A Company Leading the Way in Environmental Protection

LOTTE Chilsung not only minimizes its negative impact on the environment, but is a leader in raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

A Company that Brings a Brighter Future

LOTTE Chilsung not only pursues profits as a business entity, but also shares with neighbors, serves local communities, and acts as a companion to usher in a brighter future for us all.

A Company Treasuring Customer Relationships

LOTTE Chilsung places top priority on its customers. We will continue to strive to impress them through our management activities.


The Culture of LOTTE Chilsung Value Creation

The unique culture of LOTTE Chilsung value creation is based on the corporate philosophy to
“create greater value by sharing our thoughts and feelings”.

Creation of Happiness for Employees

LOTTE Chilsung pursues happiness through the establishment of positive relationships between work, colleagues, and organizations.

  • Operation of Family-friendly Systems (including childcare leave for male employees)
  • Lifetime Welfare System (tuition, club activities, etc.)
  • LOTTE Family Hanmaum Festival
  • Support for Self-development Education

Creation of Corporate Value

LOTTE Chilsung creates practical value based on efficiency and innovation.

  • In-house Venture Project / Junior board
  • Creation of Outcomes through Improvement in Work Efficiency
  • Declaration of Value Creation Culture
  • Recognition of Outstanding Organizations in terms of Organizational Culture

Creation of Social Value

LOTTE Chilsung forms mutually beneficial relationships with its diverse stakeholders through the fulfilment of its corporate social responsibilities.

  • Pledge of Compliance in Business Management
  • Operation of Shared Growth Fund
  • Operation of CharLOTTE Volunteer Corps
  • Support for Various Other Groups

Creation through Communication

LOTTE Chilsung creates emotional unity among its employees through open communication.

  • Bottom-Up Presentation of Opinions
  • Online & Offline Communication Points
  • Operation of Corporate Culture TFT



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