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Environmental Management

Eco-friendly activity

Production of eco-friendly products

Carbon footprint certification / Quality structure improvement certification

We strive to contribute to a resource-circulating society through the production of eco-friendly products.

Carbon footprint certification

This is a system of marking greenhouse gas emissions made in the entire process from the production stage to scrapping of products.

Products certified as easy-to-recycle goods, 1st grade

This is a system encouraging manufacturers to consider the easy-to-recycle factor in the design/production stage of products.

Environmental management system

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

We set up a plan to reduce the use of electricity and fuel, put the plan into practice, monitor the progress, and evaluate it on an annual basis in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Replacing existing lights at plants with high efficiency LED lights
  • Installation of inverters for more efficient use of electricity
  • Activities for fuel reduction through waste heat recovery
  • Heat efficiency improvement by improving boiler facilities

Activities for reduction of pollutants

We operate facilities designed to reduce materials polluting the atmosphere and water. We strive to use more efficient resources to reduce toxic chemicals and waste.

  • Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Wastewater Treatment Equipment
  • Washing & Dust Collection Facility

Eco-friendly activities

We have taken part in the activities to improve streams in cooperation with the local communities since 1980. Such activities include the purification of large streams close to our plants.


Recognizing the pressing need to protect the environment, Lotte Chilsung operates the Chum-Churum Forest Project, aimed at reducing atmospheric pollution and securing clean water through the restoration of water sources in forests and improving water quality.
To date, Lotte Chilsung has planted Chum-Churum Forests 1 and 3 in Samcheok, Gangwon-do, an area affected by large-scale wildfires, and Chum-Churum Forest 3 in reclaimed land in the Incheon area.




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