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We make all-out efforts to provide employee benefits and perks for the self-actualization and affluent living of our members.

Statutory Benefits Packages
Social Insurance (National Health Insurance, National Pension, Employment Insurance, and Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance)

National Health Insurance

National Pension

Employment Insurance

Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance

Non-Statutory Benefits Packages

School tuition for children of employees

  • - Subsidizing school tuition fully from middle school to university, as well as money for celebrating school entrance


  • - Memberships for many famous resorts including Lotte, Daemyung, and Hanwha
  • - 50% of room rate covered by the Company

Summer & Winter Vacation

  • - 2 days of summer vacation and 2 days of winter vacation annually, with a vacation bonus of 450,000 KRW

Home Visit Allowance

  • - Home visit allowance of 250,000 KRW for every New Year’s Day and Korean Thanksgiving Day

Overseas Training

  • - Model employees and excellent staff selected annually for overseas training

Group Insurance

  • - Additional welfare insurance other than industrial accident compensation insurance against employee diseases, death, or injury

Retirement Grant System

  • - Retirement grants are paid upon resignation to those who have worked for more than one year.

Congratulations and Condolences

  • - Vacations and monetary gifts are given for family events including congratulations and condolences.

Funeral Care Program

  • - A funeral care program and funeral supplies are provided in the event of a funeral.

Rewards for Senior Employees

  • - A commemorative plaque and prize are given to long-serving employees according to years of service.

Housing and Assignment Compensation

  • - Moving expenses and housing benefit support for out-of-town relocation after joining the company

Clubs and Social Gatherings

  • - Financial support to encourage the monthly activities of a wide range of intra-company clubs

Lotte Family Day and Year-end Party

  • - Financial support for semi-annual corporate pep rallies by department (30,000 KRW/person)

Intra-Company Labor Welfare Fund

  • - Separate corporation managed as an intra-company labor welfare fund to provide a variety of benefits and perks to employees

Medical Check-ups

  • - Support for the cost of annual medical check-ups (covers spouse over the age of 40)



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