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Fair trade

Program Information

Our organizational structure

Representative Director / Self-Compliance Manager / Office of Self-Compliance (1.Operation of self-compliance programs in general , 2.Relevant monitoring and reporting, 3.Manual production and improvement, 4.Education system operation and management of relevant doocuments, 5.Fair trade consulting) / Office of Self-Compliance (1.Activities associated with the provision of support for fair-trade-related business and relevant investigation/reporting, 2.Fair-trade-related self-checks and prevention of problems, 3.Employee education and consulting, 4.Reporting of legal violation) 대표이사/ 자율준수관리자 / 자율준수사무국 (1.자율준수 프로그램 운영총괄, 2.자율준수여부 모니터링 및 보고, 3.매뉴얼 제작 및 수정보완, 4.교육시스템 운영 및 문서관리, 5.공정거래 지문) / 자율준수사무국 (1.공정거래 업무 지원, 조사, 보고활동, 2.부서별 자체 공정거래 점검 및 예방, 3.소속부서 직원교육 및 상담, 4.법 위반 발견시 보고)


  • 2010 May.
    Adoption of fair-trade-related self-compliance programs; Representative Director’s declaration
  • 2017 Mar.
    Grouped Compliance Management Team in charge of self-compliance matters
  • 2017 Jun.
    Distribution of the Representative Director’s compliance management declaration to branches and plants
  • 2017 Jul.
    Employee submission of compliance oath (every year)
  • 2017 Oct.
    Enactment of anticorruption compliance regulations
  • 2018 Mar.-Oct.
    Establishment of compliance system (with consulting from Kim & Chang law firm)

Major activities conducted

Periodic checks of legal violations (twice a year) (Results reported to Board of Directors)

Unfair trade case management by types: Selection/checks of types of activities highly likely to violate laws

Category Internal/external training Consulting
Training hours At least 2 hours within half of a year as needed
Training method Both online and offline Both online and offline

Training focusing on employees in relevant departments

Checks and feedback on effects of training

Joining the Fair Competition Federation as a member

Fair-trade laws and regulations

Working-level Q&A

Consulting from an attorney-at-law where necessary




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