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Chilsung Cider is a best-seller beverage which has sold for 66 years.
Chilsung Cider contains lemon and lime extracts and has a clear and crisp taste that cannot be duplicated.
Package : 250ml Can / 500ml Pet / 1.5L Pet

Refreshment of carbonated drink with rich taste and flavor.of tea!!
'Tea sparkling' is new type beverage, blending soft carbonated drink with black and green tea, feeling refreshment of carbonated drink with tea.
'Tea sparkling green tea' adds cool citron flavor and feeling refreshment so get rid of astringent 'Tea sparkling black tea' emphasizes natural black tea taste and blends grape flavor so can you feel rich sweet flavor and refreshment.
It is better time to drink 'Tea sparkling' who likes carbornate drink which is less sweet and wants feel neat.

Package : 250ml Can / 500ml Pet

Milkis combines the smooth, creamy taste of milk with the sharp, refreshing crispness of a carbonated beverage.
It is exported to Russia. USA, Hong Kong, Pakistan, etc with label in Russian, English, Chinese.
Package : 250ml Can / 500ml Pet / 1.5L Pet