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Understanding the importance of close-contact customer-employee service
Reorganization of all systems to be geared towards customer satisfaction
Improve relationships with proprietors
(Point of Sales Management System/Setup of Transaction Line for Equipment Support /
Positive Incentive Programs/First "Mileage System" in Beverage Industry)
Improvement of organization in departments that are in close contact with customers
Proper operation of both direct and indirect organizations to maintain smooth product supply
Price unification among all networks to improve trust in the company
(Sales promotion events within transaction line/Better supply of products to remote locations /
Continuously discovering new transaction lines)
Development of new, better quality products based on the know-how and experience accumulated from over 60 years in the business.

The one and only unbeatable  Chilsung Cider
The no. 1 in quality juice  Del Monte Juice
The leader in coffee   Let’s Be/Cantata
Red tea dream   Ceylon Tea
The beverage for the new century   2% - Refreshing Near Water
Tropical juices   Mango